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The Gallery Of Caribbean Art is pleased to present

Westindian Squared

11 February 2018 to 7 March 2018

Westindian, a one word description of our Caribbean civilsation was coined by the late Alister Hughes of Grenada.

It conveys that we as a people of different islands come from diverse places, different races, various religions, yet we are remarkably similar and usually get along quite well.

Borrowing from the instagram square, the four artists, Virgil Broodhagen, Catherine Forter- Chee- A -Tow, Susan Mains and Asher Mains, have for the most part followed a square format to depict people, flora, and fauna that all contribute to a lively synthesis of a society.

Our regular gallery hours are:
Monday to Friday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

We look forward to seeing you!

Current Show - 51 Pieces

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Mains, Susan Alexs Heaven Zion

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine Bain de soleil

Mains, Susan Bent Reflection

Mains, Susan Big Regatta

Mains, Susan Big Sails

Mains, Susan Black Boats Red Shirts work boat sailing

Mains, Susan Blue Boats Beached

Mains, Susan Blue Fish

Mains, Susan Bright Sails

Mains, Asher Eight 28 Squared

Mains, Asher Eleven 28 Squared

Mains, Asher Five 38 Squared

Mains, Asher Four 38 Squared

Broodhagen, Virgil Hauling Up Pile Bay Barbados

Broodhagen, Virgil Heliconias

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine In the Breadfruit Tree 2

Broodhagen, Virgil In Deep Thought

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine In the Breadfruit Tree 1

Broodhagen, Virgil In The Field

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine In the Sugar Apple Tree

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine La Toilette

Broodhagen, Virgil Mending Nets

Mains, Susan Net Gain Pull

Mains, Asher Nine 28 Squared

Mains, Susan On The Heights Of Zion

Mains, Asher One 44 Squared

Mains, Susan One Fish

Mains, Susan Papaya

Mains, Susan Red Fish

Mains, Susan Regatta Afternoon

Broodhagen, Virgil Repairing Boats at Six Mens

Mains, Susan Secret Blue

Mains, Asher Seven 28 Squared

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine Sun Kissed

Mains, Susan Teachable Moment

Mains, Asher Ten 28 Squared

Broodhagen, Virgil That Fish Please

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine The Gold Dress

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine The Silver Dress

Broodhagen, Virgil The Winner

Mains, Asher Three 44 Squared

Mains, Susan Treasured Hawksbill

Mains, Asher Twelve 28 Squared

Mains, Asher Two 44 Squared

Mains, Susan Two Fish

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine Two Yellow Birds

Mains, Susan Waterfall

Mains, Susan Work Boat Green

Mains, Susan Workboats Sail Left J 24 Sail Right

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine Yellow Bird

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine Yellow Hibiscus