The only art gallery in the Caribbean committed to promoting the art of the entire Caribbean region


The Gallery Of Caribbean Art is pleased to present


13 August 2017 to 31 August 2017

The Gallery Of Caribbean Art proudly presents 'CarifestArt' the art of the Caribbean, Exciting, Colourful artworks from eleven islands!

This is the gallery's contribution to Carifesta X111 hosted in Barbados in 2017!

Art is the heartbeat of the Caribbean where we promote One Love, One Rhythym, One People!

This exhibition is a collection of Caribbean artists showcasing their creativity by immortalizing on canvas the shared, common stories of our beautiful Caribbean Islands.

The exhibition opens on August 13th through August 31st 2017.

Our regular gallery hours are:
Monday to Friday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

We look forward to seeing you!

Current Show - 63 Pieces

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Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine 166 Green Parrot

Hadeed, Nicholas 282 Back Garden On A Sunny Day

Hadeed, Nicholas 520 After Midnight

Hadeed, Nicholas 547 Approaching Storm

Gladding, Jonathan Guy Alana

Mains, Susan Anticipation

Bootman, Colin Beached

Gonnella, Naydene Bob

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine Cocoketoo and Yellow Bird

Grandin, Donna Croton Flowers

Grandin, Donna Crotoplosion

Pupo, Alexander Cervantes Fiery Locks

Gonnella, Naydene Flamingos

Williams, Tracey Floral Fantasy

Mazola, Patrick Flying Kytes

Gonnella, Naydene Fresh

Bootman, Colin Full Stop

Benoit, Oliver Grenada I

Williams, Tracey Hibiscus

Catanzaro, Larry In the Country

Stewart, Janice Elizabeth Is Anyone Out There

Kunle, Makemba Keeper of the Shrine

Kunle, Makemba King Sailor and Baby Doll

Kunle, Makemba Lara Promenade Revisited

Forter-Chee-A-Tow, Catherine Market

Mains, Asher Market Scene 42x33

Kunle, Makemba Me and the Sea

Bootman, Colin Midnight Oil

Catanzaro, Larry Palm Island

Gonnella, Naydene Pelican in Blue 1

Gonnella, Naydene Pelican in Blue 2

Gonnella, Naydene Pelican in Pink

Gonnella, Naydene Pelican On The Beach

Gonnella, Naydene Pelicans In Flight

Scott, Heather-Dawn Pomegranates And White Orchids

Grandin, Donna Precious Gems

Williams, Tracey Purple Bougainvillea

Hutchinson, Nakazzi Raku Clay Mask 12

Gonnella, Naydene Rasta Girl

Grandin, Donna Red Ginger Lily

Stewart, Janice Elizabeth Return Home 1

Bootman, Colin Rope

Scott, Heather-Dawn Saturday Market

Gonnella, Naydene Sea Turtle and Fish

Gonnella, Naydene Sea Turtle In Turquoise

Mains, Susan Secret Blue

Williams, Tracey Sexy Pink Heliconia

Grandin, Donna Still Blooming

Grandin, Donna Sunny Red Hibiscus

Wilson, Lorna Tail End

Grandin, Donna Through The Red Gingerlillies

Kunle, Makemba Trial by Midnight

Grandin, Donna Tropical Foliage

Wilson, Lorna Twisting and Turning

Bootman, Colin Untangling

Benoit, Oliver Untitled III

Benoit, Oliver Untitled IIII

Stewart, Janice Elizabeth Village Life

Grandin, Donna West Indian Almond

Kunle, Makemba Woman Study 3

Mains, Susan Work Boat Regatta 1

Pupo, Alexander Cervantes Yago

Gladding, Jonathan Guy Yellow Madras