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The Gallery Of Caribbean Art is pleased to present


5 February 2017 to 24 February 2017

Featuring artists Christine Farmer and Maureen Tracey, whose captivating display of Barbadian/Caribbean life is nothing short of visual dynamics.

Artworks representing the diversity of the Caribbean lifestyle seen through the eyes of Christine and Maureen.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Our regular gallery hours are:
Monday to Friday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

We look forward to seeing you!

Current Show - 52 Pieces

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Farmer, Christine A Divers View

Farmer, Christine Anthurium Novena

Farmer, Christine Atlantis

Tracey, Maureen Bajan Sea Turtle & Fish

Tracey, Maureen Barbados Sun and Sea

Tracey, Maureen Barn At Morgan Lewis Mill

Tracey, Maureen Barrels of Rum In The Careenage

Tracey, Maureen Beautiful Day on Lonestar Beach

Tracey, Maureen Beautiful Tropical Fish

Farmer, Christine Blooming Wonder

Tracey, Maureen Bus To Bathsheba

Farmer, Christine Celebration Dance

Tracey, Maureen Chattel Houses and Flambouyant Tree

Tracey, Maureen Chattel Houses At Dusk

Farmer, Christine Clementina

Tracey, Maureen Coconut Man

Farmer, Christine Dance Around The Monkey Pods

Tracey, Maureen Dolphins At Play

Tracey, Maureen Empty House with Guardsheep

Farmer, Christine Enchanted Cattlewash

Tracey, Maureen End Of day On Chalky Mount

Tracey, Maureen Evening Glow

Tracey, Maureen Fishy Family Outing

Tracey, Maureen Flambouyant Tree & Chattel Houses

Tracey, Maureen Flight Of Fancy Diptych

Tracey, Maureen Fruitseller

Tracey, Maureen Gall Hill Bathsheba

Tracey, Maureen Golden Leaves

Tracey, Maureen Hearts and Flowers

Farmer, Christine His Fruit Is Sweet To My Taste

Farmer, Christine I Am Blessed

Farmer, Christine In The Pink Of Things

Farmer, Christine Island In The Stream

Farmer, Christine Island Sisters

Farmer, Christine Lady Heliconia

Tracey, Maureen Magical Sealife Triptych

Tracey, Maureen Mangoes and Breadfruit Leaves

Tracey, Maureen Red Raven

Farmer, Christine Reddened By Passion

Tracey, Maureen Rumshop and Fishseller

Tracey, Maureen Rumshop with Lovesheep

Tracey, Maureen Sailing In The Grenadines

Farmer, Christine Sargassum

Farmer, Christine Some Souls Just Shine

Farmer, Christine Sun Kissed

Tracey, Maureen Sunlit Breadfruit Tree

Tracey, Maureen Tapestry Of Leaves

Farmer, Christine The Waters Of Life will find its Way

Tracey, Maureen Tropical Fish and Sea Fans

Farmer, Christine View From My Snorkel Triptych

Farmer, Christine Vincy Market

Farmer, Christine When Tides Change